EP 7 - Heather Goodman of True Capital Management & Mark DeLotto of Massey Quick Simon

In the seventh episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt sat down with Heather Goodman of True Capital Management and Mark DeLotto of Massey Quick Simon.  Heather is the COO, President, and Co-Founder of True Capital and helps the firm manage $1.1 billion in client assets across two offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles with 36 employees.  Mark, Managing Partner, COO, and CCO, helps Massey Quick Simon manage over $4 billion in client assets across six office locations with 55 employees.  Matt, Heather, and Mark sit down to discuss their roles in sustaining their firms’ plethora of family office services and much more, including:

  • The history and background of True Capital Management and Massey Quick Simon
  • Heather and Mark’s respective professional backgrounds and how they’ve influenced their roles today
  • Mark’s dual role of COO and CCO and the overlap he sees between the two
  • Heather and True Capital’s internship program and the benefits it has provided the firm
  • The unique hiring committee Mark has created at Massey Quick Simon
  • How True Capital and Massey Quick Simon truly offer family office services
  • Heather’s view on her role as COO in the M&A recruiting process
  • A very fitting Jerry Maguire reference!

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