EP 5 - Heather Fortner of SignatureFD and Lucas Winthrop of Winthrop Wealth Management

In the fifth episode of The COO Roundtable, host Matt Sonnen was thrilled to sit down with Heather Fortner of SignatureFD and Lucas Winthrop of Winthrop Wealth Management.  SignatureFD, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, currently manages approximately $3.5 billion in client assets with over 80 employees. Winthrop Wealth Management, located in Boston, Massachusetts, manages about $1.1 billion in client assets with 17 employees. Matt, Heather, and Lucas discuss the steps they take to put time back into the hands of their advisors and much more, including:

  • The history and background of SignatureFD and Winthrop Wealth
  • How Heather and Lucas came into their current COO roles
  • Where the two see the COO role fitting into the broader organization
  • How Heather and Lucas allocate their time to the dozens of responsibilities COOs are tasked with daily
  • The initiatives they take as COOs to help build and uphold firm culture
  • The never-ending debate: buy vs. build when it comes to an RIA’s technology stack
  • The balancing act required between 1st generation and next-gen employees, and the need for appreciation and communication on both sides

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