EP 49 - Edgar Collado of Tobias Financial & Alex Satterfield of Byron Financial

Our latest episode of The COO Roundtable features two guests who challenge our audience to think of the COO role in different ways – Edgar Collado of Tobias Financial Advisors and Alex Satterfield of Byron Financial.  Tobias Financial Advisors is based in Florida and has a strong foundation in tax planning.  They were founded in 1980 as a CPA firm and currently manage about $700M in AUM and have 19 employees.  Byron Financial is headquartered in North Carolina and began in 1985 with a focus on life insurance.  Currently they have 7 employees and grew from roughly $175M in AUM in 2019 to approximately $700M in AUM today.  Matt, Edgar, and Alex talk about the COO role from both the day-to-day operations of a firm to a high-level, strategic point of view and much more including:

        • Each guests’ background, career path, and how they landed in an Operations role
        • How each guest involves their team in the firm’s strategic planning process
        • How they prioritize the goals and needs of their respective firms
        • The “Myth of Outsourcing”
        • The HR component of the COO role

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