EP 45 - Michael Wagner of Omnia Family Wealth & Ben Gurley of Heartwood Wealth Advisors

Our latest episode of The COO Roundtable features two leaders of relatively young and evolving RIAs. We are joined by Michael Wagner, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Omnia Family Wealth and Ben Gurley, Director of Heartwood Wealth Advisors.  Omnia Family Wealth was launched in 2015 and started with a team of 5 members. Currently headquartered in Aventura, Florida, they are now a team of 11 people and advise on $2.2B in assets.  Heartwood Wealth Advisors joined the RIA space in 2019. They are headquartered in Richmond, VA, have 11 employees, and $1B in AUM.  Together, Matt, Michael, and Ben (who both service clients in an advisory capacity in addition to operations) tackle the question, “Does client-facing work make you better at operations or vice versa?” and much more including:

  • Each guests’ career path, including Ben’s background as a middle school teacher and Michael’s experience joining the family business
  • How each guest manages both the operations portion of their role as well as the additional responsibility of firm ownership
  • How each firm is evolving to meet the needs of their clients
  • Each guest discusses how operations has helped their firm grow organically
  • How each guest approaches talent management, a hot topic at many RIAs today!

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