M&A Support Services

Many RIAs are learning that M&A transactions are much more complex and require operational expertise to achieve promised economies of scale.  PFI Advisors is the only firm in the industry focused solely on the operational components involved in truly combining two firms into one.


As RIAs grow, they oftentimes add duplicative technology and their back office turns into an overcomplicated web of systems. PFI Advisors can help you simplify and consolidate your RIA’s infrastructure to optimize integrations, workflows, and functionality.


You’ve spent months, if not years, searching for and negotiating with the perfect RIA or wirehouse advisor to fold into your firm. Now the task of merging technologies and determining a unified client experience begins. PFI Advisors can play “marriage counselor” and assist in the combining and consolidating of your two firms.

Wirehouse Acquisitions

The integration of a wirehouse advisor/team into your firm requires some additional work compared to an RIA merger. PFI Advisors can identify office space for the team, transition the client assets to your custodian, coach advisors on how to discuss Independence and the new infrastructure with clients, and train all parties on the new systems and account features.