Many RIAs are learning that M&A transactions are much more complex and require operational expertise to achieve promised economies of scale.  PFI Advisors is the only firm in the industry focused solely on the operational components involved in truly combining two firms into one.



A potential buyer needs to highlight a robust infrastructure to a seller, showcasing the fact that, should the advisor choose to join the larger firm, business operations will all be taken care of, and that selling advisor can go back to focusing solely on clients and prospects.  PFI Advisors can update and streamline the buyer’s tech stack prior to them entering the M&A space.  We can also help create an onboarding project plan to ensure a smooth transition.


Once a deal is signed, consolidating two firms into one and onboarding new clients/new employees is the responsibility of the RIA buyer.  PFI Advisors will oversee the post-merger onboarding and training process for both Buyer and Seller.  We can train the Buyer’s onboarding team to understand, manage, and integrate future acquisitions.

Wirehouse Acquisitions

The integration of a wirehouse advisor/team into an RIA requires some additional work compared to an RIA merger. PFI Advisors can identify office space for the team, transition the client assets to the RIA’s custodian, coach advisors on how to discuss Independence and the new infrastructure with clients, and train all parties on the new systems and account features.

While many firms engage PFI Advisors simply for transition support during the launch of their RIA, others prefer to keep us engaged for the long haul, providing support and consultation as they grow their firm.  Learn more about COO Resource, our long-term, ongoing retainer-based service.