COO Resource

This service is offered to assist – not replace – the Chief Operating Officer

Since launching PFI Advisors, RIAs have been asking us to act as their outsourced COO.  While we believe that an in-house COO needs to be an integrated part of an RIA’s leadership team, we now offer to engage with firms as a resource to those Chief Operating Officers looking for guidance and best practices around:


PFI Advisors will conduct a thorough analysis of an RIA’s products, services, staff, and target client demographic to determine the proper use of both technology and employees to best implement the top strategic initiatives.  We will work closely with the COO to determine the proper Key Performance Indicators to accurately monitor the execution of the firm’s business plan.

System Tools & Integrations

PFI will evaluate the main technology systems; noting integrations, workflows, and “power user” employees.  We can provide recommendations for getting more from the current technology infrastructure, or advise when/where new technologies may be needed.

Workflows & Processes

Many firms get hung-up in the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality, and oftentimes need a fresh set of eyes to recommend slight variations on current workflows and processes.  PFI Advisors can rely on our extensive experience of working with billion-dollar breakaway teams and RIAs to provide industry best practices to a firm.

Staff Development & Hiring Needs

As firms mature from practices to business, formal organizational charts need to be developed. PFI can help the COO define firm-wide roles and responsibilities and minimum standards for each position.  With this work, career paths and compensation packages can also be documented.