Operations & Technology Consulting

PFI Advisors is available to consult on many of the operational and strategic issues facing larger RIAs as they continue to grow and need scale.

Technology Assessments

PFI will help you determine whether your systems best suit your current state of operations, whether your employees use technology properly, if you have the proper workflows built into your service model, and whether your systems integrate with one another. PFI Advisors provides full operational diagnostic reports for large RIAs.

Due Diligence

After running a full assessment of your existing infrastructure, you may determine that changes are necessary to operate most efficiently. PFI Advisors will identify potential replacement systems and conduct the analysis on these available technologies to guide you through our findings and recommendations.

Technology Conversions

It is quite common for a firm to outgrow their current technology solution(s) as they add clients, employees and AUM. PFI can lead the due diligence process of replacement vendors and handle the heavy lifting during a conversion from one system to another – all while you stay focused on your day-to-day responsibility of servicing your clients.

Opening New Office Locations

Have you outgrown your current office space, or do you want to add a new office in a new location? Just as we do for breakaway teams, PFI can help locate the right office space for you, furnish it, add new technology (computers, phones, audio-visual components), and integrate that office into your firm, all while you remain focused on your core client responsibilities.

As RIAs grow, they oftentimes add duplicative technology and their back office turns into an overcomplicated web of systems.  PFI Advisors can help you simplify and consolidate your RIA’s infrastructure to optimize integrations, workflows, and functionality.