With PFI Advisors, Affiliated Advisors need not worry about the unknown as they look to make the final step toward financial independence.  PFI will ensure they have the proper tools in place to launch their RIA, and that they won’t be paralyzed by the number of decisions that need to be made.

Affiliated Advisors usually don’t need our full breakaway services.  Most of the time, they already have office space secured, and a competent operations team in place to handle the day-to-day running of an independent firm. What they need most from PFI is support in (1) building out and integrating systems specific to their new RIA and (2) guidance throughout their client transition.


RIA Infrastructure

PFI will work with advisors to ensure they can offer the same products and services they have provided clients throughout their career and have the proper tools in place to deliver them: custodian, performance reporting, trading, CRM, investment research, client portal, financial planning, etc.  We will work with advisors to build their suite of technology solutions, and make sure the proper integrations and workflows are customized and ready to go upon launch of the new firm.

Client Transition

PFI will support your advisory team before, during, and after resignation day – working closely with the new custodian to process account paperwork and ensuring their clients the smoothest transition possible. We will also prepare advisors for their client conversations and have them armed with answers to the most common transition questions.

While many firms engage PFI Advisors simply for transition support during the launch of their RIA, others prefer to keep us engaged for the long haul, providing support and consultation as they grow their firm.  Learn more about COO Resource, our long-term, ongoing retainer-based service.