We’d like to congratulate Sandra on her recent promotion to Operations Manager!  An integral part of our team since August 2019, Sandra started at PFI Advisors as an Administrative Assistant to CEO Matt Sonnen.  She earned a promotion earlier this year to Associate when she started working more closely with our clients and serving as project manager on several client engagements.

As discussed often on our COO Roundtable podcast when we ask our guests to detail the secret to their own success, Sandra has earned these promotions due to her “can do” attitude and her repeated willingness to raise her hand and take the lead on any projects needing someone’s attention.  We have been so grateful to have her as a part of our team, as she has proven to be a valuable asset and a reason for our growth over the past few years.

PFI Advisors is hiring a virtual assistant for Matt, which will free Sandra of many of her administrative tasks she’s held onto since joining the firm in her original role.  With more bandwidth, Sandra will lead several back-office projects for the firm and all employees will report to her.  And for clients who have grown accustomed to working closely with her, don’t worry – she will not be relinquishing her client-facing duties!

We could not be prouder of Sandra and look forward to seeing her continue to flourish in her new role here at PFI Advisors!


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