We are excited to announce that PFI Advisors has been selected as a Finalist in WealthManagement.com’s 2016 Industry Awards Program for our M&A Support Services for RIAs.

When PFI Advisors first launched last year, the press focused on our breakaway services for wirehouse advisors, as that is the “sexy” side of our service offerings.  We hope that this award nomination helps the industry realize PFI Advisors can reduce the complexity and stress related to Mergers and Acquisitions by building a customized onboarding process with RIAs that encompass the specific nuances of each of the major custodians and the various merger scenarios they may encounter.  Additionally, PFI can consult “after the handshake” to consolidate duplicative systems, processes, and vendor contracts, as well as other operational areas often overlooked during the “courting” and negotiation process.

As it is often highlighted in the press and industry reports, M&A volume is increasing and deal sizes are getting larger and more complex every quarter.  This is attracting new and inexperienced buyers that could greatly benefit from our M&A Preparation services, and causing experienced buyers to be faced with consolidation and integration inefficiencies.

If you would like to learn more about our M&A Support Services, please email info@pfiadvisors.com or call us at (424) 336-9750.

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