We are excited to announce that PFI Advisors has been selected as a Finalist in WealthManagement.com’s 2018 Industry Awards for our retainer-based COO Resource offering, as well as for our M&A white paper, Becoming a Professional Buyer, Part 2.

Our COO Resource is intended to help RIAs in five different scenarios:

  • Newly-Launched, such as breakaway advisors who are inexperienced with managing their own business;
  • Rapidly-growing and are looking at bringing in operational talent for the first time;
  • Looking to promote from within, but the internal COO candidate lacks managerial experience;
  • Hiring an experienced COO from outside the financial services sector who lacks industry-specific knowledge; and
  • Firm’s growth is overwhelming the COO and the Ops staff; COO is forced to juggle multiple priorities, tasks, and projects.

COO Resource provides deep industry insight and counseling to support COOs with the alignment of resources to maximize firm profitability and scale.  Additional components of the offering include ongoing support via weekly calls and meetings with PFI Advisors to counsel on the specific nuances of the firm’s service model, compliance, HR, technology infrastructure, vendor evaluation and management, and more.

With our second installment of our Becoming a Professional Buyer research, we were thrilled to profile 5 successful RIA acquirers including Aspiriant; Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors; EP Wealth Advisors; Mercer Advisors; and Parallel Advisors – representing over $37 billion in client AUM.

RIAs need to “polish their pitch” to better communicate and articulate why sellers will be better off as part of a larger organization.  As part of this approach, PFI Advisors’ research has identified 7 key capabilities firms need to possess, prior to engaging in deal making.  These include:

  • A compelling value proposition;
  • Technology and operational expertise;
  • Multi-disciplined leadership team;
  • Management capacity for deals;
  • Transparent compensation structure;
  • Strong, defined culture; and
  • Transition support.

If you would like to learn more about our COO Resource offering or our M&A Support Services, please email info@pfiadvisors.com or call us at (424) 336-9750.

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