As 2017 comes to a close, we reflect on this past year as PFI Advisors.  From a personal perspective, it was the most devastatingly heartbreaking year of our lives, yet we have persevered and have continued to professionally grow our business, now entering its third year.  This year, we have worked with breakaway advisors and existing RIAs that collectively manage over $20 billion AUM, and continue to gain new, exciting client relationships.  We are thrilled to join other industry publications, research firms, and thought leaders in recognizing the impressive growth within the RIA industry.  We plan to take on 2018 with even more focus on our mission:

 To further evolve the RIA industry from a collection of “practices” to “businesses,” and to be a continued voice in validating the industry as a legitimate landing spot for billion-dollar teams and their clients.

We have enjoyed continuing to express our thoughts, findings, and conclusions in our Blog, and we want to share with you some of the most read material we have published this past year.  Our goal has been – and continues to be – to educate our readers and provoke thinking from a unique perspective.  We hope you enjoy, and we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe new year!

PFI Advisors’ Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

“The Ins and Outs of Breaking Away in the Post-Protocol World”  by PFI Advisors

First, a disclaimer: We are not lawyers, and this post does not contain legal advice of any kind.  As operational consultants that advise financial advisors on the nuances of starting an RIA, we always suggest advisors consult with legal counsel before embarking on a breakaway transition.  The recent news of Morgan Stanley’s and UBS’ exit… Click Here

“Top 3 Questions Every Breakaway Advisor Asks”  by Larissa Marcontell Sonnen

As breakaway transition consultants, we are often asked, “What are you hearing from wirehouse advisors these days?  What’s on their mind?”  For years, the breakaway conversation revolved around all the bad things that were pushing advisors out of the wirehouses and into the RIA channel.  As the independent space has evolved, the narrative is slowly… Click Here

“Big RIAs Now Face Their Own Breakaway Movement”  by Matt Sonnen

There is some debate as to the official launch of the breakaway advisor movement, when advisors began leaving the shackles of the captive wirehouse environment for the freedom and independence of the RIA community. In order to pinpoint an exact date, we not only need to consider the exodus of advisors, but we also need… Click Here

Highlighted Blog Posts of 2017

“Why Operations Teams are the Unsung Heroes Behind Breakaways”  by Anna Maria Garcia

The breakaway movement has continued to gain headlines as more teams have made the leap to the RIA channel. Most articles surrounding recent breakaways tend to focus on how much assets the adviser has managed, the adviser’s experience in the industry and the custodians and technology firms that may have assisted in the RIA formation.  What… Click Here

“Celebrating 20 Years in the RIA Industry: Matt Sonnen Concedes to an Interview with his Toughest Critic…His Wife”  by Larissa Marcontell Sonnen

Below is a transcript of an interview Matt and Larissa conducted over margaritas in Hermosa Beach, CA on June 20th, 2017.  Larissa: So, 20 years in the industry is a long time…How old do you feel? Matt: Ha ha!  The industry hasn’t worn me down, but our kids have!  We haven’t slept in 4 years!… Click Here


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