We are excited to announce the addition of Matthew Alcorn to the PFI Advisors team!

For the past several years, Matthew has led and contributed to a variety of creative projects including full production films, corporate videos, copywriting, and script development.  Wearing various hats, he’s had the pleasure to direct teams on set, manage multiple aspects of production, and act as a consultant on a range of projects.  Recently undergoing several significant life changes, Matthew has transitioned his skills and experience into the wealth management industry, bringing a fresh and unique perspective.  Outside the office, he enjoys watching foreign films, reading history, smoking pipe tobacco, and most importantly spending quality time with his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Marnie.

Please meet Matthew!

PFI: Welcome Matthew!  A bit has changed for you recently, you are now working full-time from home in a different industry than your previous work. How has that transition been for you?

I think it’s safe to say the last few years has forced many to reexamine their lives and its trajectory.  My wife and I were no exception.  Within a few months of covid, our conversation about starting a family went from a hypothetical to a due date.  In early 2021, welcoming Marnie into our lives immediately ushered in another wave of good yet challenging changes.  As I began job hunting in a few different industries, the PFI Advisor posting really caught my attention.  In my investigating the company I saw a stellar, down-to-earth team that is high quality and hard-working, and I’m thrilled to be the new addition.  Working from home has many pros and cons, but for my sensibilities and preferences, I can’t imagine a more suitable dynamic.  Truly, the transition has been a joy.

PFI: What attracted you to PFI Advisors?

As mentioned above, I was drawn to the role primarily because I found a team I wanted to work with and learn from.  Beyond that, PFI Advisors unique exposure to the industry was certainly compelling.  Not only would I be learning the industry as whole but have an inside look into the day-to-day challenges of operating an RIA firm, lessons that extend into all types of business.  Additionally, as the industry continues to make strides forward into the digitalized future, there is a historic opportunity to get my hands dirty helping RIAs not only overcome that transition, but ensure they’ve prepared their firm for the next generation to grow and thrive.

PFI: What excites you most about the future of the RIA industry?

Technology.  Coming from a creative industry that is often driving technology forward, it’s shocking how wealth management services has managed with its rudimentary toolset.  I understand the last few years has expediated many changes, but with my limited exposure, it seems there remain many, many more valleys and mountains to climb.  I’m hopeful that as more firms utilize the digital tools being built, we’ll see further improvements in the ecosystem.

PFI: Of our five main service offerings (Breakaway/RIA Set Up, Ops & Tech Consulting for Existing RIAs, M&A Support, COO Resource, The COO Society) which interests you the most?

It’s hard to say.  I am attracted to each for different reasons, but if I must choose, I’d go with Ops & Tech Consulting.  I’ve always been the go-to IT person among my family and friends, and I really enjoy discovering and learning systems and tools that solve problems.  Additionally, I like to drill down into methodologies and processes, defining first principles and refining workflows for efficiency and reliability.  It’s one thing to find a tool that does what it says it can do, another to learn how to make that tool work for your business.  Accordingly, the issue is not only asking what tools are the right tools, but tailoring them to fit your firms personality, offering, and workflow.  Just as the best productivity app cannot make you productive, a cutting-edge tech stack does not make you state of the art.  I’m excited to be at the heart of an industry experiencing these growing pains, and looking forward to helping firms master their operations and technology so they can improve the service to their clients.

PFI: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Although I’m continually trying to find time to watch more movies and listen to music while I am smoking my tobacco pipes, the last few years my wife and I have developed a deeper connection to food.  We now cook ninety percent of our meals from scratch, have Sunday roasts, and are exploring canning, curing, and fermentation.  These endeavors take up quite a bit of time, and its humbling to consider life pre-industrial revolution.  Although I may be nothing more than a glorified sous chef, I am getting my hands dirty cleaning whole chickens, making dough, and starting our first garden.  What’s next?  I wouldn’t mind working with wood, either making bentwood chairs or carving pipes.


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