We are thrilled to announce that Landon Brantley will be joining the PFI Advisors team in the role of consultant.  Landon has spent over four years as a tax and financial advisor at ARGI Financial Group, a $3 billion RIA headquartered in Louisville, KY with offices in nine cities across 5 states.  In addition to his client-facing duties, Landon was a member of the personal financial planning leadership team, where he was involved in implementing a new management system (EOS) and a tremendous amount of new software including financial planning, performance reporting, and CRM technologies.  Landon provided strategic input around ARGI’s people and process, and he helped refine the firm’s ideal client and the proper service offering to meet client demands.

A graduate from the University of Kentucky Gatton School of Business, Landon will work closely with CEO Matt Sonnen and the rest of the PFI Advisors team to serve clients across all areas of our business: RIA Set Up, M&A Integration, as well as Business and Strategic Consulting for existing RIAs.  He will also head our online educational platform, which we will be launching next year, and provide further thought leadership for our website.

With only 5 team members (six, if you count our Director of Transition Amusement), we never anticipated adding a remote employee, but as COVID-19 has transformed how we all work, Landon will remain in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.  Having employees in both pacific and eastern time zones means that PFI Advisors will have greater ease in serving RIAs across the country.  Please read on to learn a bit more about Landon…

PFI: Welcome Landon! How has Work from Home been for you, and are you prepared to do it full time?

Landon: The novelty of WFH quickly diminished as I was part of an RIA that had to immediately adjust to serve our small business clients  through the PPP loan process and provide guidance to our investment clients with the increased market volatility. I remember coming across a PFI Advisors blog post on Kitces.com early in the pandemic, and could immediately relate to Matt’s observance: cultivating a greater degree of trust and managing with a focus more on output than on process can give employees the autonomy they need to get things done.  The pandemic allowed us to see work as something that can be separated from a physical place. I’m prepared to work from home full-time and look forward to helping our clients adapt in this environment and the future.

PFI: What attracted you to PFI Advisors?

Landon: I was fortunate to meet the entire team and immediately appreciated the diverse strengths and shared values. Additionally, the dedication to the RIA industry perfectly fits my career development. My passion for helping this industry grow and serve more people aligns with the work PFI Advisors has developed. After discussing the industry opportunities with Matt, it was clear this was the right fit for me.

PFI: What excites you most about the future of the RIA industry?

Landon: I’m very excited to watch and help the RIA industry provide financial planning services to a broader population. The industry is experiencing rapid growth and will continue to capitalize on investments in technology. As a CFP professional, I believe the continued focus on fiduciary standards and recruiting a more diverse workforce will be imperative for sustaining growth in the RIA industry. I’m hopeful that we continue to see more colleges and universities offer a personal financial planning track.  In fact, I was thrilled to learn that PFI Advisors has partnered with Shaun Kapusinski of HIFON in his work with financial planning students at Texas Tech University, as well as worked with Envestnet Institute on Campus to further promote careers in wealth management.

PFI: Of our four main service offerings (Breakaway/RIA Set Up, Ops & Tech Consulting for Existing RIAs, M&A Support, COO Resource) which interests you the most?

Landon: I’ve continually observed the difficulty leaders face growing their business while simultaneously utilizing the best technology to support that growth. I’m immediately interested in the Ops & Tech Consulting due to the rapid changes and technology advancements occurring within the RIA industry. Additionally, working with a firm during numerous mergers and acquisitions will allow me to provide unique perspectives for successful M&A transactions in the RIA world. Overall, I’m excited to utilize my experience working with a fast-growing RIA to help other firms develop systems and processes to support their growth.

PFI: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Landon: I really enjoy playing golf and going on walks with my wife, Emily, and our new puppy, Charlie. If it’s a Saturday in the fall, you’ll likely catch me rooting on the Louisville Cardinals. When we aren’t in the middle of a global pandemic, I always love getting a group of friends together to experience new local restaurants.


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