As the RIA industry continues to evolve from a collection of practices to business, professional management has never been in higher demand.  While training resources exist for investment acumen or sales coaching, where do operations professionals turn to learn how to run an RIA and position it for growth? 

We’ve built the COO Society around three “learning paths” of Technology, Human Resources, and Business Administration, which serve as valuable training for anyone from a new client service associate to a veteran COO.  By breaking down our expertise into digestible pieces that members can consume on their own schedule, we hope to provide RIAs of all sizes with the skills needed to effectively run their business and drive growth in a profitable fashion.

Interspersed among the course content are virtual consultations with Founder and CEO, Matt Sonnen.  These interactive questions will elicit a unique video response from Matt, depending on which answer a member selects from the menu.  The digital consulting platform also offers a chance for members to pose questions to one another and share best practices via our Circle “chat” feature. 

In addition to these core learning paths, the community platform features monthly interviews with vendors, consultants, and leaders of influence.  With these interviews, we ask guests to offer their outside perspective on course content and provide real-world examples of the topics covered in the monthly lesson plans.

As we discuss on our COO Roundtable podcast every month, RIA operations professionals are usually too busy to attend a webinar in the middle of the day.  We’ve designed the COO Society to allow members the ability to gain practical education at any time of day or night, or even on the weekends!

Please watch the below promotional video to learn more about this innovative consulting platform.  We encourage you to subscribe to the COO Society and build an enterprise that is more impactful and profitable than you ever imagined!


Matt Sonnen was interviewed by Nasdaq Trade Talks to discuss the current opportunity for operations professionals in the RIA space, as well as the need for training resources for professionals. Watch the interview by clicking below: 

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