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With the goal of providing coaching, community, and a rigorous and well-rounded training program for operations professionals, PFI Advisors has built the industry’s first and only RIA-specific online coaching platform for operations professionals seeking to effectively navigate growth at their RIA, as well as collaboration with others navigating the industry.

The COO Society is centered around three Learning Paths which we view as the core responsibilities of an RIA COO: Technology, Human Resources, and Business Administration. Each path houses course content exploring critical topics, such as:


  • Overview of the RIA Tech Stack
  • How to Leverage Your Custodian for Growth
  • How to Best Utilize Your Reporting Provider
  • Org Structure – Should You Centralize Your Back Office?
  • Job Descriptions and How to Attract Talent to Your RIA
  • How to Conduct a Client Segmentation Exercise at Your Firm
  • The Overlap Between Compliance and Operations
  • Key Performance Indicators to Gauge the Health of Your RIA
  • M&A – How to Attract Advisors to Your Firm (widely requested!)
  • The Increasing Importance of the Client Portal
  • Description of PEO Providers and the Benefits Employees are Expecting
  • How to Best Leverage Your CRM
  • Internal Succession Strategies
  • How to Get the Most From Your Career as an Operations Professional
  • Financial Planning Tools and Processes
  • How to Create an Impactful First Impression Through Client Onboarding
  • Trading and Rebalancing Strategies to Scale Your Business

    These courses serve as valuable training for operations professionals at any level, from new client service associates to veteran COOs. By breaking down the Learning Paths into several courses, members have no trouble absorbing as little or as much content as they want during their busy day. Not only are these courses designed for the flexible learning needs of working operations professionals, but they are also ready for immediate implementation at the firm level.

    In addition to these core learning paths, the community platform features monthly interviews with vendors, consultants, and leaders of influence. Both timely and insightful, these guests offer outside perspectives on course content and provide real-world examples of the topics covered in the monthly lesson plans.

    As an exclusive benefit to members of The COO Society, Matt and the PFI Advisors team host a monthly video conference, inviting all members to pose questions and discuss course topics, current challenges, and anything RIA industry related.

    These monthly member meetups are supplemented by a robust Discussion Forum where members share their thoughts and questions at any time, and we post newly-published industry articles and other helpful resources for members to access, as a way of keeping the course content “fresh.”

    Our community platform also includes an Operations Job Board where members can post openings for administrative and senior-level needs for their firm.  Our members are well-connected in the operations community and our Job Board is a great place to start looking for the best talent.

    In addition to all of this, all members are provided with a personal contact at PFI Advisors to assist with any inquiries regarding membership and platform usage.

    Ready to get started? We invite you to watch the promotional video below then reach out to us via the links at the bottom of the page. Are you interested in purchasing several memberships or having a custom learning path created for your firm? Click on the Enterprise link below and let us know your needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!

    Please watch the below promotional video to learn more about this innovative consulting platform.  We encourage you to subscribe to the COO Society and build an enterprise that is more impactful and profitable than you ever imagined!


    Matt Sonnen was interviewed by Nasdaq Trade Talks to discuss the current opportunity for operations professionals in the RIA space, as well as the need for training resources for professionals. Watch the interview by clicking below: