Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

In PFI’s years of experience with breakaways, we have encountered numerous advisors who, in the months leading up to their transition away from their current employer, have proclaimed, “This will be super easy, I’ve known my branch manager for years – they won’t try...
Breakaway Lessons from  Wolfgang Van Halen

Breakaway Lessons from
Wolfgang Van Halen

In our work with breakaway advisors, who are venturing out on their own and leaving behind the branding and operational resources of a larger wirehouse or independent broker dealer, we find that the main driver is not extreme anger or a dramatic “straw that broke the...
For Transitioning Advisors,  Repapering Is a Daunting Task

How Long Does It Take
to Launch an RIA?

By tackling the largest and most time-consuming tasks first, we believe advisors can launch their RIA in four to six months. When looking to leave the captive employment model and establish their own RIA, advisors often ask, “How long will this take?” and, “How much...