Breakaway Artist Confesses the ‘Mistakes’ He Made in Ushering PBIG’s Hou-Sear Team

March 1, 2016

A breakaway artist confesses the ‘mistakes’ he made in ushering PBIG’s Hou-Sear team With its elevators, synchronized watches, office hijinks and voice-over IP, Luminous Capital was a virtuoso Merrill Lynch defection but not to Matt Sonnen By Guest Columnist Matt Sonnen Brooke’s Note: It is one thing to create a textbook scenario of executing an…

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How the mastermind of the Luminous Capital breakaway is parlaying his skills into ‘Promoting Financial Independence’

January 19, 2016

With his wife, Larissa, as sidearm, Matt Sonnen seeks to fulfill a niche for a service level between John Furey and Shirl Penney Tuesday 1.19.16 by Lisa Shidler Brooke’s Note: If, as some suggest, seawater can replace oil as a fuel then our energy future is bright. The same can be said for finding the talent and…

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Welcome to PFI’s New Blog!

January 18, 2016

We founded PFI Advisors with the idea that “There has to be a better way…” Financial advisors, either those leaving the wirehouse community to establish their own RIAs, or advisors at existing RIAs, have been leveraging their future to receive simple operational support. We feel you shouldn’t need to sell precious equity or sign a…

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