We are excited to announce the addition of Alex Webb to the PFI team!  Alex recently graduated from Miami University in Ohio with a degree in Finance.  While in school, Alex interned at MAI Capital Management, a multibillion-dollar RIA in Cleveland, OH.  Alex performed financial market research and developed an understanding of the firm’s proprietary investment strategies.

As an Associate at PFI, Alex will report directly to CEO Matt Sonnen and will learn all aspects of our business, including projects with both breakaway advisors and existing RIAs.  He will help advisors build their technology suite from scratch, or improve their existing technology infrastructure, from reporting solutions to financial planning tools; trading/rebalancing systems to CRMs.

Outside of the office, Alex likes to enjoy his new home in Southern California.  Whether it be running on the Strand, hiking in Runyon Canon, or relaxing on the beach, he loves to stay active.  He also looks forward to pursuing his CFA designation in the upcoming years.

Please meet Alex Webb!

PFI: Welcome, Alex!  How has the transition from school life to work life been?

 Alex: Thankfully, it’s been a relatively seamless one.  After growing up in the Midwest and attending a small school in Ohio, I was filled with quite a few different emotions and lots of uncertainties about a move this big.  Fortunately, these have all been to put to rest with the great help of my parents, friends, and colleagues at PFI.

PFI: What have been your first impressions of Southern California?

Alex: It’s unbelievable…in every facet of the word.  From the weather, to the beaches, to the traffic, it feels like a whole world away from the Midwest.  But to me, that’s a good thing.  I’ve always found that when I’m out of my comfort zone, I’m forced to think and see things in a different way.  These are both incredible things to experience as a young person.  I’m just incredibly fortunate to have such a great opportunity in such beautiful area of the country to start my career.

PFI: Anna Garcia wrote a great article about what Millennials are looking for in their first employer.  What attracted you to PFI Advisors?

Alex: What really drew me to PFI Advisors was the aspect of wearing many different “hats.”  In my job search, I placed a lot of emphasis on being able to continue to learn and grow as a young professional, and I really believe this opportunity will allow me to do so.  Whether it be working on our vendor databases or putting clients in touch with the resources and guidance that best fits their needs, I’ll be able to gain a holistic understanding of the RIA infrastructure and industry.

PFI: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Alex: Growing up a devout St. Louis Cardinal’s fan and playing quite a bit of baseball myself, I always dreamed of making it to the big leagues one day.  However, an early elbow surgery and an inability to hit the curveball quickly diminished those dreams.  Despite this, I was still able to develop a great love for the game, make countless memories, and learn numerous life lessons.  I’m still an avid Cardinals fan and look forward to seeing them at Dodger Stadium this August!

PFI: What is the view of the wealth management industry on college campuses?  Is it a desired post-graduation profession?

 Alex: Truthfully, I’d say there’s not a lot of extensive knowledge on the RIA industry.  Most business students have basic knowledge of working for a big wirehouse or brokerage firm but little to no knowledge of the independent firms.  I’ve been extremely fortunate with my internship last summer and now with this current opportunity to be exposed to the best the industry has to offer.  I’ve quickly learned that smaller RIA-like firms can give the best hands-on experience imaginable without the polarizing “corporate-feel” wirehouses feature.

PFI: Of PFI’s four main service offerings (Breakaway/RIA Set Up, Ops & Tech Consulting for Existing RIAs, M&A Support for RIA Buyers, COO Resource), which interests you the most?

Alex: The entrepreneur in me leans toward the Breakaway/RIA Set Up.  I love the aspect of helping advisors start their own business from the ground up.  While each breakaway will have its similarities, each one also represents a new set of opportunities and challenges.  I look forward to aiding in the breakaway process and ensuring that each one of our clients has the best possible resource in every corner of their infrastructure.

PFI: We could not be more excited to have you join our team/family!  As we close in on our 3rd anniversary, we should keep you very busy with many different types of projects.  You will be integral in taking PFI to the next level!  Thanks Alex!


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