Independence with PFI

For years, large wirehouse teams with over $1 billion in AUM have looked at the RIA model as something aspirational, but have held back because of the lack of economic solutions for large teams and the growing complexity of the operational infrastructure for building an RIA startup. As you can see below, there are many options available to wirehouse advisors who choose to move their business into the Independent channel.

With PFI Advisors, billion-dollar breakaway teams can pursue their RIA dreams with confidence, knowing that they have the right advice and support to build their dream firm, without having to give up hard-earned equity or pay expensive basis points on AUM.


Office Infrastructure

While you remain focused on your day-to-day client responsibilities at your current job, we will facilitate the buildout of your new office – real estate selection, furniture, computers, phones, disaster recovery/email retention, audio-visual for conference rooms, etc.  On resignation day, you will walk into your brand new, fully-operational office.

RIA Infrastructure

Allowing you to offer the same products and services you have provided clients throughout your career – client reporting, trading, CRM, investment research, etc.   We will work with you to build your suite of technology solutions, and make sure the proper integrations and workflows are customized and ready to go upon launch of your new firm.

Client Transition

Onsite support before, during, and after resignation day – working closely with your new custodian to process account paperwork to ensure your clients the smoothest transition possible to your new firm. We will also prepare you for your client conversations and have you armed with answers to the most common transition questions.


We will make sure your client agreements are counter-signed, fee schedules get uploaded, and your first billing cycle is complete in a timely fashion.  We will also see that your staff is trained on billing policies and procedures going forward.

Compliance Support

We will make sure the proper SEC filings are made, the proper disclosure documents are sent to clients, and you have a tailored compliance manual and compliance program in place for your new business on Day 1.


We will coach you on the ins and outs of the Broker Protocol to ensure a clean transition out of your current firm. We can help you determine the proper business structure and equity ownership of your new firm, as well as facilitating the drafting of all client agreements, employee manual, employment contracts, etc.

Custodian Selection

In terms of your clients’ peace of mind, there is no decision more important than the selection of a capable and experienced custodian. We will work closely with the custodian to create as smooth of a transition as possible for your clients as they establish new accounts that offer bill pay, lending capabilities, access to investments, etc.

Investment Access

Not only will we help you access the same investments you offered at your old firm, but we will advise you on the myriad of new investment solutions available to you and your clients now that you are an independent investment advisor.

Client Segmentation

An important step in the breakaway process is determining which of your current clients are best served by your new RIA, and which clients don’t fit your new service offering. We will help you examine your book of clients (with no identifying information) and determine how best to allocate resources at your new firm.

Ongoing Support Services

While many firms engage PFI Advisors simply for transition support during a breakaway, others prefer to keep us engaged for the long haul, providing long-term support and consultation as you grow your firm.  We can design a service model best suited for your needs.

For breakaway advisors looking to build an RIA from scratch, or existing RIAs trying to determine if their firm is currently using the best technology solutions for their current business, the biggest challenge is simply navigating through the seemingly endless solutions offered to independent advisors. PFI Advisors can help you filter through the noise and present the most logical, customized RIA Infrastructure that best suits the needs of your clients, your employees, and your service model.