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A New Twist on Succession Planning Urgency

May 5, 2017

Although the drumbeat for succession planning has been getting louder over the years, the industry continues to remain woefully unprepared. We have all seen the headlines screaming about the more than two-thirds of advisers who don’t have succession plans, yet the average age of those adviser principals who are owners is getting closer to 60….

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Big RIAs Now Face Their Own Breakaway Movement

April 3, 2017

There is some debate as to the official launch of the breakaway advisor movement, when advisors began leaving the shackles of the captive wirehouse environment for the freedom and independence of the RIA community. In order to pinpoint an exact date, we not only need to consider the exodus of advisors, but we also need…

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PFI Advisors White Paper: Innovative Lending Solutions in the RIA Space for Breakaway Advisors

January 11, 2017

We have determined that advisors thinking of breaking away should not let the fear of inadequate lending solutions for their clients deter them from considering the independent space. In this white paper, the third in our industry series, we examine several of the many avenues available to RIAs looking to provide sophisticated, competitively-priced lending solutions…

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“The Long Game” of Starting an RIA

November 14, 2016

The recent DOL FAQ released on October 27th has driven recruiters and their advisors into a tizzy. Howard Diamond of Diamond Consultants declared it the “most hectic week” they have ever experienced, and they’ve been leading the wirehouse recruiting game for over 15 years. According to new interpretation by the DOL, wirehouses will no longer…

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The Push vs. Pull for Breakaway Advisors

September 19, 2016

I had the privilege to address the CFA Society of Los Angeles this past Wednesday night, and we inevitably discussed trends in the breakaway advisor movement. While many have detailed the fact that wirehouse advisors are being pushed into independence by the changing culture, over-bearing compliance, constantly shrinking payout grid, etc., of their employers, I…

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4 Necessary Considerations Before Going Independent

September 6, 2016

Financial Planning Magazine recently reached out and asked us to contribute to their “30 Days 30 Ways” series detailing Advisors in Transition.  We wrote the following piece to educate advisors on where to start when transitioning to independence… The breakaway movement continues to gain momentum as captive advisers within the wirehouse community desire more control over…

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Breakaway Advisor Movement, Version 2.0

July 28, 2016

Once You Break Free of the Wirehouse, You Need to Run From the Platforms and Aggregators, Too! There is always a dark side to success.  The RIA market has been booming for years, consistently taking assets away from the traditional bank/wirehouse community, and now manages nearly $3 trillion in assets. As the overall assets under…

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The Trend Has Begun…

June 1, 2016

Billion-dollar firms are realizing “Pure Financial Independence” is the ultimate destination for RIAs.  PFI Advisors was quoted in this RIABiz article highlighting PagnatoKarp’s ‘breakaway’ from HighTower. Article Originally Published by RIABiz After chats with Phyllis Borzi, a flagship HighTower team executes a ‘deliberate’ breakaway to form a $2.5 billion RIA Citing post-DOL-rule concerns about serving…

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PFI Advisors Inaugural White Paper: New Transition Models for Billion-Dollar Breakaway Teams

April 12, 2016

This is the first in a series of industry content from PFI Advisors designed to help advisors build their dream firm and achieve Pure Financial Independence. View Whitepaper

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Guest appearance on “How to Go Independent”

March 31, 2016

Our CEO and Founder, Matt Sonnen, discusses transitioning billion-dollar teams to “Pure Financial Independence” in Sean Kernan’s “How to Go Independent” blog. Listen to the podcast here.

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