The New Choice for Billion-Dollar Breakaways and RIAs in Growth Mode

We Believe There Is A Better Way

Pure Financial Independence

“Your challenge is to find work that pays the rent, puts food on the table, and lets you do what is right and good and just. So find your North Star. Let it guide you in life, and work, and in your life’s work.”

– Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

The George Washington University Commencement

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The RIA business model is proving to be the best path for advisors to operate in a transparent and client-centric approach.

We work exclusively with billion-dollar breakaway teams that feel they already have the scale to start their own RIA without partnering with the national platforms that are currently out there.

For existing RIAs, PFI Advisors is available to consult on many of the operational and strategic issues facing larger firms as they continue to grow and need robust systems to support that growth.

We remain focused on our mission:

To further evolve the RIA industry from a collection of “practices” to “businesses,” and to be a continued voice in validating the industry as a legitimate landing spot for billion-dollar teams and their clients.

Pure Financial Independence.

Founded by the former COO of Luminous Capital, a highly successful, multi-billion dollar wirehouse breakaway that was ultimately monetized for more than $100 million, PFI Advisors provides a customized consulting model to navigate the many choices of technology, business and RIA infrastructure needed to transition wirehouse businesses into the RIA universe. No basis points, no percentage of earnings, no equity required – that is pure financial independence. Don’t give up your hard-earned future profit just for transition services. See what PFI can do for you.


PFI Advisors was founded by Matt Sonnen, the former COO and CCO of Luminous Capital, one of the industry’s greatest breakaway success stories for transitioning a large Merrill Lynch team into the RIA channel.  Starting with $1.7 billion, the firm grew to nearly $6 billion in AUM over a 4 1⁄2 year period, ultimately monetizing the business for more than $100 million. After transitioning Luminous Capital into First Republic Bank, Mr. Sonnen joined Focus Financial Partners, the largest aggregator of RIAs in the country.

Matt has teamed with his wife, Larissa, a former AXA financial advisor, operations professional, and entrepreneur; and Anna Maria Garcia, an Analyst he worked with at Focus Financial on several breakaway transitions and operations projects.

Put that experience and expertise to work for you and your team so that you can pursue your long-term vision with peace of mind. PFI Advisors has one goal – to be a continued voice in validating the RIA channel as a legitimate industry for billion-dollar firms who want to run real businesses, and not merely practices.

At PFI Advisors, we offer consultation with no long-term AUM fee structure, earnings give-up, or equity stake required. Our years of experience will help you build your customized infrastructure – from selecting the right vendors to building your technology suite – we do it all on an outsourced project basis.